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About COach Paul

Coach Paul - Recruiting Coordinator Vegas Volley volleyball club in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

Hey! This is Coach Paul! 

I’m so stoked to have joined the Vegas Volley team as Recruiting Coordinator, helping our athletes navigate the various paths to college volleyball.

My role as the Recruiting Coordinator is deeply informed by my competitive background and extensive coaching experience. Previously, I’ve represented the USA Men’s National Team as a Libero, owned and served as Director for the Ohana Athletics Club, a volleyball club in Huntington Beach nurturing talent in both indoor and beach volleyball, and served as Long Beach State’s statistical coordinator, leveraging my experience to enhance player development through innovative methods to help guide them towards a NCAA National Championship in 2018.

With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration, I blend insights from both fields to empower athletes in navigating the collegiate recruitment process. Through my training methods, I not only prepare athletes for success in the recruiting process, but also equip them with the mental resilience needed to excel in college volleyball, ensuring their journeys are both fulfilling and successful.


"We are SO incredibly fortunate to have Coach Paul leading our athletes through their recruiting journeys at Vegas Volley. His wealth of experience, both as a former player and a seasoned coach, coupled with his dedication to player development, ensures our athletes are well-equipped to succeed at the collegiate level."

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