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Why private lessons?

Private lessons are the perfect opportunity for dedicated volleyball players who are ready to soar to new heights in their game.

With personalized attention and expert guidance, you have the chance to unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams. Believe in yourself and trust the process – with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Take this chance to invest in yourself and your passion for volleyball, and watch as you unleash your true talent. You’ve got this!

Train with the experts, get results

Coach Adam's Athlete Data

Serving % in
First match
Serving % in
Last match
Hitting %
First match
. 140
Hitting %
Last match
. 0
Passing Average (0-3 scale)
First match
1 .43
Passing Average (0-3 scale)
Last match
0 .3

*These stats are team averages from one of Coach Adam’s recent teams. Individual progress was similar and you can expect great results too! 

Private lessons are for those who are serious about taking their volleyball game to the next level. When you take private lessons with Vegas Volley, you’ll get so much more than just additional practice time. You’ll learn the technical aspects of the game in a way you’ve never experienced before. When you take private lessons with us, every skill area is broken down to a level that allows athletes to truly master the individual mechanics of each motion on the court.

This level of depth is why each lesson addresses only one skill area at a time. Lesson topics include: Hitting, Passing, Serving, Setting, and Defense.

The technique taught during these lessons will help athletes not only master efficiency of motions, but also remain safe and protect the body from injury. Proper form is all about playing better and staying safe, and there is no better place in Vegas to learn how to do it than Vegas Volley.

The proof is in the data. Countless athletes that have trained under this teaching style have succeeded in developing their skills, confidence, and champion mindset.

Myla Matavao works on hitting back row in a private lesson with Coach Adam Bromberg

Adam is one impressive coach. His demeanor, humor, and credibility working with my 13-year-old niece could not have been more perfect. She has said over and over that his coaching was one of the best experiences of her life!

How did I do that?

My specialty is working with athletes in those highly-developmental periods spanning from middle school through high school by helping athletes focus on technique and creating great habits using a 3-phase system I developed:

Kinesthetic Awareness

The athlete learns about their own body mechanics and to recognize what it’s doing

Bio-mechanical Exercises

Teach and reinforce proper technique by breaking down individual motions

Habit Formation

Create muscle memory through repetition

This process is designed to develop, reinforce, then commit an athlete to performing with phenomenal technique every time. After taking your athlete through this system, you’ll be sure to see his/her game noticeably progress.

Maeve comes from Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada to train with Coach Adam Bromberg in private lessons.
Matt Hermann and Christian Dobson work on their volleyball hitting arm swing mechanics in a semi-private lesson with Coach Adam Bromberg

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Choose The Right Plan For You

OUr training options

Private Lesson

$ 120 For Solo Lessons
  • Highly focused 1-on-1 attention
  • Master volleyball techniques faster
  • Discounts for bundles of 5 lessons
  • All-inclusive pricing (gym rental, equipment, etc.)

Semi-Private Lesson

$ 160 For 2 Athletes
  • Everything from "Private Lesson"
  • 33% savings on price (per athlete)
  • Additional exercises available that require multiple athletes
  • All-inclusive pricing (gym rental, equipment, etc.)
Most popular

Small Group Lessons

Call/Text For 3+ Athletes
  • More team-like exercises
  • Work on elements of teamwork and communication
  • Most affordable cost per athlete

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Private lessons create opportunities for athletes to go in depth into the various skill areas of volleyball that isn’t possible in team practices. It is so much more important than just getting additional reps and ball touches, but rather helps the athlete understand the mechanics of each motion on the volleyball court. 

Athletes will also begin to understand themselves – strengths, weaknesses, and areas to learn and grow – as lessons adjust to each individual’s specific needs for his/her growth and development on the court.

Additionally, the techniques taught focus not just on efficiency on the court, but safety too. We make sure that the shoulders, knees, and ankles are all as protected as possible during gameplay. 

Each private, semi-private, and small group lesson lasts 1 hour each. 

In that hour, we will cover one skill area in depth – hitting, passing, serving, setting, or defense. We’ll chat about proper technique and go through a variety of exercises to reinforce good technique and to stay safe and avoid injuries.

Due to the depth in which we take athletes in private lessons, only one skill area can be covered in a one hour session. Exercises are progressive in nature and start with simple motions that build up into the full game-like motion by the end of the lesson.

Hitting Lesson Plan Example: 

  1. 5 minute warm up
  2. Jumping and landing exercises to maximize vertical jump and then how to land safely to protect the knees. 
  3. Arm swing exercises to reinforce technique that maximizes hitting efficiency and also protects the shoulder from injury
  4. Footwork and approach exercises to create good habits, while integrating the jumping/landing technique from earlier in the lesson
  5. Further arm swing exercises integrating technique from earlier in the lesson and now adding proper hand contact and ball placement for greater control of the ball
  6. Full game-like hitting exercises integrating every technique practiced throughout the lesson 

Athletes of all club and school affiliations may sign up for private lessons with us. 

Our objective is to help athletes become the best they can be whether they play for our program or elsewhere! 

Private lessons take place at It’s All Volleyball located at 530 E. Pamalyn Ave., Suite B, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Our fees are all-inclusive, covering coaching, gym rental, and equipment use. The prices are meant to be fully transparent so you know exactly how much you’re paying and do not get hit with other fees at the time you sign up, such as gym rental fees which are often not included by other organizations in their pricing. 

Private lessons – $120/session

Semi-private lessons (2 athletes) – $160/session

Small groups (3+ athletes) – Call/Text or email for pricing 

(702) 758-3313


For maximum results, private lessons should be attended as frequently as possible. However, that can be cost-prohibitive for many families, so the minimum recommended to see results in a timely manner would be once per week.

Athletes that attend less frequently will still be provided a variety of exercises they can do at home.

Athletes who take private lessons will be working one-on-one with Coach Adam, who has spent 20 years on the volleyball court refining his craft, the most recent 16 years of those as a coach helping the next generation of athletes succeed.

To see Coach Adam’s credentials, please visit his About Page.

No experience necessary to sign up for private lessons. 

Before an athlete’s first lesson, he/she will fill out a New Athlete Questionnaire with information about playing history, goals, etc. 

Using that information, lesson plans will be customized to the appropriate skill level and to help athletes meet their personal objectives in volleyball. 

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