The brand new boys program!

Vegas Volley is so excited to be launching a boys program for the 2023-2024 season to help the young men around the Las Vegas/Henderson area! Our program teaches a highly technical understanding of the game. The guys who join will see significant improvement in their individual skills and team skills through Vegas Volley’s coaching program developed by Coach Adam. 

Tryouts: Saturday, August 26, 2023 – Sign up to stay updated below!

Summer Training Opportunities: Register for summer skills clinics HERE


Working with athletes in the highly-developmental periods spanning from middle school through high school resulted in a 3-phase system Coach Adam developed that help athletes focus on technique and creating great habits using:

Kinesthetic Awareness

The athlete learns about their own body mechanics and to recognize what it is doing.

Bio-mechanical Exercises

Teach and reinforce proper technique by breaking down individual motions.

Habit Formation

Create muscle memory through repetition.

This system has worked for countless athletes by breaking down every skill level to a degree in which most have never experienced. As an example, when teaching a skill like hitting, this system takes athletes through exercises that will teach them the mechanics of jumping and landing safely to maximize their vertical jump while keeping the knees safe, the proper arm swing motions to hit the ball harder while protecting the shoulder, the footwork, timing, and more! 

Everything in this teaching system is built to maximize efficiency on the court while remaining safe and protecting the body from injury. With the rate of injuries seemingly increasing year after year as athletes push themselves harder and harder, tons of athletes and parents have nothing but praise for this teaching system.

Meet our coaches

From the athletes & parents:


The boys club season runs from the end of August through about February, ending shortly before the high school season ends. 

Tryouts for the 2023-2024 season will be on August 26, 2023. 

Please fill out the form below, and we will email you once tryout registration has opened. 

Vegas Volley has been around for a few years as a girls club originally with a unique mission: 

It’s a different kind of club. It’s competitive. It’s about winning. But this organization is about so much more! Vegas Volley is a player-centric organization that focuses on the true growth and development of athletes, including the social aspects of the game. It’s true that games are played to win (that’s why we keep score), but it’s also true that games like volleyball are meant to be fun! 

At Vegas Volley, the ultimate goal is that our young athletes excel both on the court and off. You’re going to see things happen here that you may not have seen before: family-oriented social events, bonding activities among athletes including choosing their own team names and other fun stuff, social media content created by the players themselves, a head coach who was a former teacher and will tutor and mentor the athletes and help them maintain top notch grades even while traveling to tournaments, and so much more. 

It’s the belief here at Vegas Volley down to our core, that a youth sports organization should be there to support the athletes, and that’s what we do.

Coach Adam Bromberg is club director and head coach for the program. 

He’s in his 16th year of coaching volleyball with a long history of successful athlete development, particularly among young men that have the passion and drive to really work hard on the court.

His career started at Coronado High School during the boy’s season in 2007 and since has coached countless success seasons at Coronado, various club programs, and of course now at Vegas Volley.

The rest of our coaching staff consists of former Division 1 players, state champions, and more. We pride ourselves on our selectivity when it comes to coaching staff. 

Costs vary depending on whether or not your son joins a local (middle school age groups, typically) or travel team (high school age groups). 

A season can range from ~$3500 (local) to ~$5300 (travel). The final price will be provided by the time of tryouts. 

These fees include: 

  • Tournament entry fees
  • Coaching expenses (salaries, travel, memberships, and continuing education) 
  • Gym rental for practice times
  • Club administrative expenses including, but not limited to: web site, accounting and tax services, marketing, software and subscriptions, etc. 

Vegas Volley boys will be competing in the SoCal Cup (https://socalcupvolleyball.com/). Most of the tournaments will be in the Southern California area. 

Travel costs are not included in the club tuition price. Vegas Volley will make every effort to support carpooling among parents for regional area tournaments (E.g. California), and arrange for hotel room blocks to get everyone group pricing. 

Practices will take place at It’s All Volleyball located at 530 E. Pamalyn, near the Harry Reid Airport. 

Vegas Volley is a small club by design. If offered a position on the team, you will get highly focused attention from exceptional coaches to help you and your teammates be as competitive as possible. 

Our training methods take an incredibly technical approach designed to help athletes master the skills of the game.

Our coaches and staff really want this to be an exceptional experience for an exceptional group of athletes. As such, when players are welcomed onto our team, they’re treated like family. We care for one another, support one another, and ride or die together through tournaments and practices. 

We’re also planning on enhancing the social aspect of club volleyball by having regular events where family and friends of our athletes will be invited to potlucks, and enjoy each other’s company – call it a family BBQ! 

This is a different kind of club. 

For the 2023-2024 season, Vegas Volley will be looking to offer tryouts for the 15U through 18U age divisions.

We’re happy to answer anything we may have missed in the FAQs. Please feel free to reach us through either of the following: 

Email: letsvolley@vegasvolley.wpengine.com

Call/Text: (702) 758-3313

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